Designer, artist, graphic designer or more simply: creative mind, Gianpiero D'Alessandro was born in 1991 in Sant'Anastasia in the province of Naples, transforming his creativity into a full-time job.

Starting from his bedroom, he collaborated with personalities and brands of high profile like Snoop Dogg, Netflix, Nike, Levi's, Dolce & Gabbana and DrewHouse, brand owned by Justin Bieber, holding the role of creative director since 2019.

In the wake of the excellent work done in 2022 he founded the brand inBetweeners with Justin Bieber, a of the most important projects ever made in the metaverse.

In 2023, Gianpiero entered the ranking of the Top 25 content creators drawn up by Fortune.

A modern self-made man, self-taught and influenced by Walt Disney and Andy Warhol, his art emerges from the dialogue with the context in which lives, but also from the encounter between reflections, emotions and feelings. With his fresh, colorful and direct style, Gianpiero explores the visible and invisible of each of us, making us feel grown up, but at the same time still children.