Find the most frequently asked questions below.

unfortunately not. once the order is confirmed, even after a few minutes we cannot cancel the order. We are sorry.
see more here: https://www.gianpiero.eu/policies/refund-policy

unless specified in the details of the work or from the official channels of Gianpiero, we will in no way be able to satisfy you.

Yes, but only if the work was delivered to you broken, or if it didn't arrive at all. In all other cases, we cannot issue a refund. The works are often numbered and created ad hoc at each drop. see more here: https://www.gianpiero.eu/policies/refund-policy

usually less than 24h

Gianpiero is often very busy. But he has a really great staff, which is us.
Seriously, for any information or purchase problem from the gianpiero.eu site, you will have to write to us through the "write me" page or click here: https://www.gianpiero.eu/pages/writeme

we currently accept: credit card (amex, mastercard, visa), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop pay.
We don't accept Paypal at the moment. Later we will give the possibility to pay also through some cryptocurrencies

The works are created with great care. Before sending them they must be perfect. For this we take 2 to 4 weeks of time. sometimes even earlier.